Thursday, 28 August 2014

The 'I didn't like you at first but now I'm obsessed' Product

First of all, I would like to apologise for presenting to you the ugliest looking lipstick of all time. The lid is cracked in two places (cue lost lid in bag everyday) and the stub that's left is performing a precarious balancing act which will see Plumful meet it's inevitable demise. It will be a dark day in my life. However I didn't always feel this way (plot twist). When I first got it, although I loved the scent and the way it glides on like no other lipsticks do, I didn't think that much of the colour and I felt like it disappeared from my lips really quickly. 
How could I have been so wrong? The colour is perfect for this time of year when you're all ready for the plums of autumn and winter but you feel like a traitor because it's still August and you shouldn't wish summer away like that. This lipstick has just the right mix of pink and plum shades to allow you to get your autumnal fix whilst we're still technically in summer. But what I got most wrong was that it wears off quickly. Did I have different lips back then or something? Whilst the intense colour is naturally going to wear off, it leaves a really nice stain. I am writing this in the evening with a darkish pink stain still sitting pretty on my naturally un-pigmented lips.
So the moral of the story kids! First impressions don't always count... or something like that. 
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Review: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Hello again! Today I am bringing you a review as they seem to be some of my more popular posts yet I barely ever seem to do them. Hooray for logic.
The product I am reviewing today is the newest idea from Indeed Labs. Confession time y'all, I bought this thinking it was a serum. I went on a huge tale about having a more expensive serum and therefore being able to skimp a bit on the moisturiser. So I went and bought an expensive moisturiser didn't I. In my defence, it was, and still is, a third off and I'm actually glad I accidentally bought this because I love it. Hurrah! 
It comes in this nifty little tub which dispenses a pea sized amount of product when you push down the top. I rub it onto my cleansed face morning and evening and I'm so happy with the results. First of all I love the packaging. I always worry that I am using too much or too little of a product for the best results but this does all the work for you. It also sinks in to the skin really quickly. One thing I can't stand about some moisturisers is when they sit around on your face for ages and you have to wait a decade to start applying primer/foundation. However this one isn't like that at all, it sinks in instantly which gets 2 big thumbs up from me. 
But what I love most is what it's actually meant to do- moisturise my skin. When I go on holiday I naturally let my skincare routine go off the rails a bit, whether it's because I'm lazy or because I'm using different skincare to my usual home routine. My skin was feeling a bit bleurgh after I returned from my holiday but within days of using this my skin felt so much softer and healthier. I've had no problems with dryness at all and I'm even using Nars Sheer Glow foundation which can cling to dry patches. Which brings me on to my last point; it makes my foundation go on so much better. I know this could be to do with the foundation (at £30+ it better have something to do with it) but I honestly think it acts as some kind of primer as well. My foundation looks nice and stays nice throughout the day (extremely rare for me).
The only complaint I have about this is the price and that you don't get enough in a pot but overall I'm pretty much addicted. Can you tell?
Thanks so much for reading that rather long detailed review! Lots of love,

Monday, 18 August 2014

New York Haul #2: Sephora etc

yeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh boi here we go again.
This was the big daddy purchase of the trip. It still works out as cheaper than here but it will always feel like a lot of money to hand over. I got the shade deauville which is fine but I wouldn't mind it being a tiny bit lighter. Bit of blending down the neck though and everything is fine.
Another very expensive purchase which I would never have considered if I wasn't on holiday. I threw caution to the wind that day in Sephora and it was glorious. 
Whatever you've heard about this eyeliner, I can confirm it is all true. It's amazing. That is all.
This was one of the products I really wanted to get whilst in America and I'm glad I did. Drawing lines on ones face is strangely satisfying.
We went into Century 21 on one of the first days and I decided to finally fill my MAC palette with 2 new shades. They're both warm toned and go really nicely together. I'm really pleased with them and kind of wish I'd bought more MAC things as I've had my eye on a few lipsticks for a while now. 
I actually bought this on the plane on the way home. I still had dollars left over and it looked really nice. The eyeshadows themselves are a really lovely formula and the colours are neutral and easy to use yet also really unique as well. 

That's it, ladies and gentlemen, all the makeup I bought in New York. I could have bought so much more but there has to be some moderation, people.
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

New York Haul: The Drugstores

 *coo this is the pigeon from the balcony coo*
It's here. The moment you've all been waiting for. The world has been awaiting this day with baited breath and its time for the big reveal. It's my New York Haul! And yes I am going to completely skip over the fact that I haven't blogged in about 3 weeks. On with the post!
I'd heard good things about this mascara before going to New York but I'm not totally bowled over.
Now this, I love! They are so nicely pigmented and it is literally so easy to use. If I have an early morning I can sleepily follow the instructions and still look as though I've put effort in. It's a win win sitch. 
These blushers are so highly pigmented it's 50 shades of cray. Not a day has gone by when I haven't gone overboard and had to try to rescue the situation with my foundation brush. However once they've calmed down a bit they are really lovely colours.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pure Pigments- Improper Copper (left) and Downtown Brown (right) - $6.79
These are the first shadows I have that are in a loose powder form. While some people might find that a bit of a faff, I actually find them to be a time saver. I tip some out into the lid and pile it all over my eyelid. Once blended I don't feel the need to add any other eyeshadow which is a massive plus.
Currently untested but I have heard really good things about this foundation.
I only bought one of these because it's so difficult when you can't test them and I didn't love the formula enough to go back and buy anymore. It's a touch too glossy for my liking. 
First of all, sorry for the cat tail at the bottom of the photo, I didn't spot it (somehow) until they were on the computer and by then I was too lazy to take another one. Secondly, these came out in the UK while I was away but I think I got them cheaper than I would do here. Sadly I have read some not so good reviews of these. I tried putting the pink one (LA Exclusive) on to dry lips and it was the most god awful thing I've ever put on my lips however the other two I actually really like, especially New York Scene (which I obviously had to buy). If you dab them on to moisturised lips they fair much better. 

That is all for part 1 of my New York haul. Tomorrow will be a Sephora and other high end bits haul so get excited and make sure to check back tomozipan. Thanks for stopping by!